Apr 18, 2013

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Dibetagurashi: Ahiru no Seikatsu

Somebody better pick up a gun. Use it to shoot those birds or me, just pick quickly. Who doesn’t like to watch a show about a bunch of drugged up birds? It’s amazing what they are willing to animate…

Dibetagurashi Ahiru no SeikatsuThe artwork… Kill me. It’s not that hard to draw a bunch of birds, even I can do it (pretty darn well). It looks annoying and it’s not something one can watch too often, unless you’re a sad kid with no friends.

The story… Again, kill me. One would think that they’d tried to teach you something when they create a show about a bunch of strange-looking birds, but no… What’s there to learn from this?

Skip it. Pretend it doesn’t even exist. If I somehow find out that you are making children watch this then I will call the authorities to sort you out. You have been warned!

Plot Summary: The story follows the daily life of a group of birds, including a duck, an old nihilistic great grey owl, and a gluttonous Caique parrot.

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