Jan 9, 2016

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Divine Gate

I have been hearing a lot of things about Divine Gate for weeks now. Now that I’ve finally seen the first episode I couldn’t help but describe it as ‘meh’ at this point.

Divine GateThe artwork is okay. It’s nice to look at and the characters seem pretty interesting so far. I wish it was a little more graphic though.

I’m guessing that the story is Divine Gate’s greatest feature? Well, I suppose it’s interesting, but by no means is it great. It’s fairly easy to follow and does seem to show some promise, but it hasn’t really made a big enough impact for me to keep thinking about it.

This’ll really depend on the individual. I might give it a fair shot since I enjoy watching anime where the characters have all these powers. I suggest you give the first episode a try..

Plot Summary: No one knows when, where, or how “the gate” was created; furthermore, no one can see, touch, or access it. However, when “the gate” is opened, realms of mortals, fairies, and daemons collide, destroying world orders. While leaders of three realms try to restore orders, some talented and capable mortals begin to approach the gate, now known as “Divine Gate.” Yet no one has reached the Gate and returned, however.

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