Feb 11, 2013

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Dokidoki! Precure

Have you ever felt as though someone is out to get you? Well, I feel as though some Japanese guys are out to get me when watching this. It feels as though they are forcing me to commit suicide by creating crap like this. I refuse to believe, and I say this here and now, that there are people out there that genuinely like this.

Dokidoki! PrecureThe artwork, from what I’ve seen during these four whole minutes I managed to watch without crying myself to sleep, looks dreadful. It’s like they added a boatload of cuteness to attract girls, after which they added another three boatloads to make sure that it’s actually liked. It’s too much. All the girly crap in this show is completely overkill.

There is nothing I can see about the story either. What is it about? Hell if I know. Following some kind of story if very difficult when you have to watch crap like this. Girls with super abilities? Uhu, sure, hold on while I calculate the possibility of me dying instantly should I jump out of this window.

Honestly, don’t even think about it. I knew you may think I’m joking, but I’m not. Don’t even think about giving this a shot, or to see if I’m exaggerating or not. Just don’t do it. Go collect stamps or something. Anything’s better than this.

Plot Summary: Aida Mana is a girl who is always eager to do things for the sake of others.

One day, when she was visiting the Clover Tower during her school’s orientation program, an enemy who called themselves “Selfish” appeared suddenly, and tried to manipulate her inner heart! To fight this enemy, she borrowed power from a magical fairy Sharuru to transform into Pretty Cure!

To protect the peace of the world, other legendary Pretty Cure soon joined her in battle! A mysterious baby also appears, making each day a “Heartthrob” experience! The 4 Cures, always holding “love” in their hearts, are battling for the world’s fate!

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