Aug 4, 2011

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Oh good lord.. This will be very short. I watched the first episode and soon after that I happened to get diarrhea. Coincidence? I think not!

It was a pain to watch. It looks absolutely dreadful, no other way to put it. As for the story goes.. My god, really? What a lousy story.

As a great man once said; “KILL IT WITH FIRE!”

Plot Summary: In a school where after school activities are mandatory among all students, Hajime and her friend Sayo come across a new club that they have never seen before. The club is called “The Cultural Activity Preservation Club.” The two enter the room to find all kinds of analog jobs and activities, such as handcrafting mats and toothpicks. This is a unique cultural manga mixed with comedy so as not to bore you, this is Double J!

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