Jul 8, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super

It’s back! Millions of fans all over the world must be foaming at the mouth right about now! I love the Dragon Ball series so much! I watched several episodes every week. I refused to be home late so that I wouldn’t miss a single episode. I’m feeling so nostalgic right now…

Dragon Ball SuperNobody would ever knock Dragon Ball for its artwork. It’s sublime. The attacks, the characters and the level of detail; it’s all so incredibly good. You could pick out any of the Saiyans out of a hundred character line-up within seconds. They are simply that iconic.

Dragon Ball Super continues the story after Kid Buu was defeated and before Videl got pregnant and gave birth to Pan. I am loving that! I also love the fact that we’re going to see more of that purple rabbit guy that we’ve seen in the latest movie. I don’t mind seeing him as the new bad guy.

I definitely recommend this. You’d be a fool not to watch this. I even have old Dragon Ball trading cards from when I was a kid in an old map. I am truly happy that Dragon Ball is back and I will be watching this with a huge, child-like smile on my face every week.

Plot Summary: After defeating Majin Buu, life is peaceful once again. Ordered by Chi-chi to earn money, Goku works even as he wants to train even more. Meanwhile, Goten, about to become a brother-in-law to Videl, sets out on a journey with Trunks to find her a present.

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