Apr 11, 2014

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Dragon Collection

You know, I hate Mondays in general. My dog died on a Monday. Monday reminds me that I have five more days of hard work before its weekend again. That’s why it’s so important for me to have a lot of enjoyable things to watch so that I’m motivated to keep going. This season’s Monday is just horrible…

Dragon CollectionAnother kiddy anime pops up and yes, it involves cards. What is with the Japanese and their card games? I used to have much better toys. I remember BeyBlades, Flippo’s and marbles. Nowadays it’s all about small pieces of paper with Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! or different kinds of characters on it.

The story? Meh. Boy gets transported to a game world where he will become friends with a special card. You know how it goes. I’m a sucker for overpowered main characters, but this just isn’t for me.

Do I recommend it? Yes, to kids. To adults? Not really. I honestly don’t see myself sitting in front of a screen watching Dragon Collection. No chance.

Plot Summary: Arata was just your normal high-schooler, until one day when things started to move. He gets entangled in a phone game called “Dragon Collection.” With his only redeeming quality being lucky, what can he do about conquering the World?

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