Jan 17, 2014

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Engaged to the Unidentified episode 02

A seven and a half average for Engaged to the Unidentified… How is that even remotely reasonable? This is by far one of the more enjoyable shows this season. What else would you like to watch? Pupa? Hoozuki no Reitetsu? No thank you. I’d much rather have this.

[Underwater] Mikakunin de Shinkoukei - Engaged to the Unidentified - 02 (720p) [517D3FB4].mkv_snapshot_08.16_[2014.01.16_21.55.24]One cannot help but notice that Mashiro constantly steals the spotlight. That character is cuteness overkill. She is constantly interfering with others, keeping a close eye on Kobeni-chan and keeping as far away from Benio as she can. Marrying a strange guy is one thing, but having to endure his meddlesome younger sister might not make it so tempting. Keep in mind that Mashiro-chan will grow up as time goes on. She may be cute now, now that she’s still “innocent”, but that will soon change when she enters puberty and all the cuteness just fades away.

[Underwater] Mikakunin de Shinkoukei - Engaged to the Unidentified - 02 (720p) [517D3FB4].mkv_snapshot_19.45_[2014.01.16_21.55.54]I’m actually interested in hearing a bit more about what happened between Hakuya and Kobeni when they were younger. He saved Kobeni from a painful death if I’m not mistaken, but she can’t remember anything about what happened back then. Hakuya wants to keep it a secret so that it doesn’t affect her decision about whether or not they should get married. Very interesting…

Also, I wouldn’t mind to get to know the Mitsumine family a bit more. Are they some kind of Yakuza family? They sure seem to have a lot of influence. Seriously, why isn’t mystery not amongst the genres? There are so many questions that I want answered and only ten episodes left to answer those questions… Is going to be close…

Engaged to the Unidentified episode 02 screencaps

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