Jan 9, 2016

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Well now… This might actually have hit this season’s top 3 anime. I didn’t really think much of it when I read the summary, but it turned out to be pretty darn good. I really want to watch what’ll happen next now that the protagonist’s mother seems to have been murdered.

ERASEDI honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with the artwork. The level of detail is pretty high and I love the characters so far. I heard that the studio behind this also made SAO, Fairy Tail and many other amazing titles. I have a lot of faith in it.

I also give the story two thumbs up so far. It started off quite powerful. Certainly powerful enough to make me want to watch the next episode as soon as possible. Murder, supernatural abilities and a whole lot of mystery. What more could you want?

I certainly recommend this. Yeah, sure, it can be a little bit heavy, but I like that. Not everyone has a fragile mind. I have high hopes for this one.

Plot Summary: Satoru Fujinuma is a struggling manga artist who has the ability to turn back time and prevent deaths. When his mother is killed he turns back time to solve the mystery, but ends up back in elementary school, just before the disappearance of his classmate Kayo.

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