Apr 21, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 02

Ha, please! I didn’t even need to watch the first episode to know that I was going to write about this. I am a huge Eureka Seven fan, so how could I possibly ignore this one? This anime is walking a rough path. It has to keep up with Eureka Seven. It would be best if this turned out to be even better, but that is highly likely. Eureka Seven was without a doubt a masterpiece.

Anyway, I’ve seen the first two episodes now and I find the beginning absolutely intriguing. Ao-kun looks so much like his parents, unbelievable (I know it’s just anime, but still). I’m not too sure about the concept though. I mean, fighting G-Monsters that originated from coral and whatnot? Nah, I’m not so sure about that one. Those G-Monsters look pretty plain too. They remind me a little bit of those monsters from Kamisama Dolls. I immediately thought of Kukuri, a character from Kamisama Dolls, when I saw that G-Monster during this episode. Not that there’s anything wrong with! I just think that they could’ve done a better job, that’s all.

I like this episode, I like the story and I like the artwork. There was one thing that I didn’t like though. I don’t like to see Ao get used, especially now that he has obtained a little bit of power. Those villagers wanted to find and hurt him, even though he saved them from that monster. They were constantly bitching about how he is “her” son, and how his hair has turned violet. Seriously, does it matter? The guy saved your ass…

I could say a lot of stuff about that right now, but I’ve decided to keep this week’s post a little short to keep things simple. I enjoyed this week’s episode very much. I just hope that it won’t turn into the type of situation where people will rely on Ao and use him as a weapon. No offense to the people behind that character, but he does strike me as the type of character that would let himself get used like that.

Eureka Seven Ao episode 02 screencaps

  1. zerakhul says:

    Uereka Seven is so much better than this you cannot compare the two. they only share name

  2. clintian says:

    all of anime is so cute characters and kissing

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