May 19, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 06

Sigh, I knew something like this would happen. Large corporations don’t give a damn about the little guys on their payroll. Ao will probably get a little bit of attention because he has Nirvash. Or should I say; because he things he has the Nirvash? It’s not really his anymore if he has to ask them for permission when using it.

Things will not go easy for Ao. He has the G-Monsters and Scub Coral to worry about, the company that may or may not take possession of Nirvash in the (near) future, but now he also has a new enemy. What kind of monster are you if you are capable of transforming into another person? Those types of ability are perfect for infiltration missions, so Ao better be weary of the people around him.

This week’s mission was to retrieve all survivors of the Goldilocks team. It seems that they have been defeated by a G-Monster. The girls would’ve been dead if their commander didn’t sacrifice his life to save them. It amazed me how the higher-ups didn’t even flinch when that happened. They were just worried about Triton doing the same thing, and they simply didn’t want to lose any more expensive materials.

Sure, Ao and the girls managed to rescue the girl, but come on… What was up with that moving scene? Ao has been given the house of the former Goldilocks commander. My god, is that how they operate? A guy dies and on the same day he loses all of his property to the next slab of meat in line? The saddest part is; that guy was actually a decent guy. He didn’t really seem to care for money, power of property. He just wanted to keep everyone around him safe. Ao is probably going to be similar to that guy, seeing as he’s fighting for others as well.

This episode was really shocking in some ways. At least I’m glad that Ao has started to take initiative, even if it’s only during hard times where his life is on the line. This time he managed to kill a very strong G-Monster, but who knows? He might need that same courageous initiative when he’s up against entire corporations. It’ll only be a matter of time until something goes terribly wrong, and I think that his new enemy will play a huge role in that.

Eureka Seven Ao episode 06 screencaps

  1. trofcha says:

    u seem suprised? his mother used to be free so she must be turing round in her grave right now

    nirvash part of that company 🙁 🙁 🙁

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