Jun 2, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 08

Oh how I loved my Friday. First I got betrayed by Sankarea, which was a pretty blow to the family jewels, only to finish the job with this week’s Eureka Seven Ao. Very bad start to a bad weekend (the weather here is absolutely sh*t). Oh well, at least I have an excuse to wear a raincoat, so that I can flash passing pedestrians. I’m joking of course. Maybe.

The story continues as Ao is fed up with things. He’s fed up with being weak and unable to do anything to help. He decided to head out with Nirvash, the mech that his mother left him, thereby making it his. Can you guess what happened? That’s right. The people Generation Blue interfered. Why you ask? That’s simple. Nirvash is no longer Ao’s property, it’s theirs. They modified it, they control it and they control Ao. They even wanted to punish him for taking his own mech, after which they decided to tail him for a little bit. I knew this would happen. I know that Ao was emotionally unstable, but that was no excuse to take control of his mech.

The whole episode was like this, so basically; very unpleasant. They never let him near Nirvash after that, until a G-Monster finally appeared, forcing them to send out Ao and his team. See how that goes? Want to join General Blue, soldier? You do? That’s great! Oh, you have your own mech? Well, hand him over to us, but don’t worry, we’ll lend it to you once we need you to put your life on the line while we sit on our lazy asses as we watch you suffer a little bit. – © Powered by Generation Blue.

The only thing really worth mentioning right now is that Fleur, that cute little blonde on Ao’s team, is actually the daughter of Generation Blue’s chairman. Not all that surprising to be honest. I already noticed several similarities. Still, it’s definitely worth mentioning. I truly hope that next week’s episode will be different. Hopefully Ao will ditch this organization and follow his own path at one point.

Eureka Seven Ao episode 08 screencaps

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