Jun 9, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 09

Hello folks. I don’t want to seem demotivated, but I’m going to keep this post rather short. My reason for doing so is because this anime has become very predictable. I already knew what’s going to happen next week, and I haven’t even seen the preview yet.

This week’s episode basically revolved around secrecy. Everyone has secrets and everyone wants to keep them at all costs. I watched this episode and I saw how Ao and the girls were being used as pawns in a much bigger game. You can hardly tell them the truth I suppose, as they would highly likely walk out the door. Generation Blue (or any other organisation for that matter) cannot afford to lose that kind of firepower. But I just don’t like to see Ao and the girls manipulated like that. Frankly, I don’t think that their commander is completely in on it. I see him protesting all the time, so there might be hope for him.

Meanwhile that morphing freak, Truth, was still running amok all over the place. He kept chasing American officers, killing them without an ounce of mercy. I have a general idea of what he’s after, but he already has the power to get what he wants, so why not just go for it? That’s what I just can’t understand. He wants something, has the ability and power to get, and yet he still keeps playing around. It’s a little strange.

Like I said; I will be keeping this post short. Eureka Seven Ao is very amusing and I still recommend it, but it’s by no means as good as Eureka Seven, absolutely not. I know it’s strange of me to say this, especially since it’s completely out of character, but I would like to see Ao go nuts for once. Let him go completely mad. Let him destroy everything around him. His friends have been taking from him, his family and his home… I think a little bit of recklessness is just about due.

Eureka Seven Ao episode 09 screencaps

  1. That guy seriously has an identity crisis.

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