Jun 23, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 10

Oh well, I might as well write this post right now. I’m slowly losing motivation to write about Eureka Seven AO. I wouldn’t say that it’s completely predictable or anything like that, especially since I’ve seen some improvements during this episode, but it’s a bit on the dull side if you ask me. It’s always the same thing, isn’t it?

I started watching this episode and expected to see the same thing that I’ve been seeing for the past ten episodes; Ao and Nirvash fighting against those monsters whilst very few people actually support him, let alone approve of it. Hell, there are still people out there that think that the Nirvash, or “Mark One” as they call it, is rightfully theirs.  How stupid. Those Americans need to find hobbies or something. The Nirvash clearly belongs to Ao or at least it used to, before Generation Blue got their hands on it and made some modifications to it, so that Ao now has to ask for their permission to launch and whatnot.

I know I just said all that, but I have to admit that I saw some change during this episode. Not just with Ao, but with Ivica too.  They are slowly becoming more rebellious. They are slowly acting more based upon their own senses of justice. It had gotten to a point where both of them ignored the orders from HQ to stay put, only to go help the Americans with their struggle against those monsters. I liked that, I really liked that. Ao has been obedient for far too long now.

I’m starting to get hope again. Ao is showing signs of rebellion. I liked that. I think that we can expect a lot of great things from him in the near future, things that he normally wouldn’t do under the command of Generation Blue. Things are looking hopeful again. I think it’s Ao’s desire to see Naru again that’s pushing him right now.

Eureka Seven Ao episode 10 screencaps

  1. The manga (and the anime) of eureka seven ao is quite puzzling. I was wondering if it was a continuation of the eureka seven anime or manga. I would guess the manga but I’m not really sure. I REALLY hope it’s a continuation if the anime because I want to see Dominic again :’).

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