Jun 30, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 11

Okay, I guess I might as well write a quick post about this week’s Eureka Seven AO as well. Frankly, I think that this week’s episode was a bit dull and pointless, but maybe that’s just me? I could be that I’m in a rut over the badly ending spring anime.

So yeah, the story continued with Ao and his friends hunting for Secrets. It’s basically all the same. They hunt them, fight them and kill them, providing Truth doesn’t stand in their way to mess things up a bit. It’s all part of a much bigger plan. A plan made by government officials and large organizations. The conspiracy just never ends, does it?

This week’s episode took a strange turn by putting Elena in a different spotlight. Gazelle, one of those mercenaries, was sure that Elena was none other than Miller, an American spy that was sent to obtain information about Generation Blue. I know I was looking at this in a pretty dull way knowing, knowing what could happen next and such, but come on… enough with the conspiracy theories already.

Oh, and just when you think things couldn’t get any worse; it seems that there was some kind of sand that controlled people’s thoughts, making them see and do things against their will. It took a lot of patience on my part not to skip through that scene, seriously. I don’t know. Maybe Eureka Seven AO just isn’t for me. We have to keep in mind that this anime is competing with Eureka Seven, a prequel. It is very hard to top something as good as that, let alone make it better. Not that it’s any use, as the ratings for Eureka Seven AO have been slowly dropping during the past three weeks.

Eureka Seven Ao episode 11 screencaps

  1. ademuth93 says:

    Why are u still watching this? Eureka Seven AO is a gross spin-off

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