Jul 7, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 12

It finally happened; an episode actually worth talking about. Who knew? I thought I was going to see nothing more than a long, dull story about a boy being controlled by an organisation that wants him to fight for them. I must say, this episode really raised my hopes for this show.

I’m going to skip right passed that whole Naru-Truth bullsh*t and go straight to the best part; Ao’s space adventure. He and his division got sent to space in order to deal with a huge chunk of Scub Coral that was making its way towards earth. That’s when he met with new people, people from Generation Blue that were sent there to guard the planet from any kind of danger.

Ao soon realized that he couldn’t function properly in space, despite being from a different world, apparently. He went out anyway and landed on that Scub Coral, where he found a ship as he was plummeting towards earth. It seems that yet another one of Ao’s ‘people’ managed to make her way to earth. She looked a whole lot like Ao. Hell, he even thought that it was his mother he was seeing.

Eureka Seven AO just got a whole lot more interesting. Speaking about Eureka, it seems that that’s also that girl’s name, which made things even more interesting. I think that things are going to change drastically. I will say one thing though; I will be really disappointed if this mysterious girl ends up joining General Blue as well, let alone let them modify her mech, just like with Ao’s mech. That would bring my newfound hope to an all-time low, seriously. There’s no point in worrying about it now. All that’s left is for us to wait and see what happens.

Eureka Seven Ao episode 12 screencaps

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. You really don’t know who she is?.. You’re gonna be very surprised tomorrow.

  2. Drmousy says:

    I don’t know either. I already know that the next episode will be epic

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