Jul 21, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao episode 14

Okay, I’m a bit confused right about now. Eureka Seven AO was getting really good, but things just took a very bad turn. I can’t fully see the angle yet, which is why I’m keeping quiet. However, I do know that this will confuse things even more.

We all know that Ao’s mother showed up in his world, or should I say in his time? She showed up, met up with Ao and every other person that wanted to recruit her, and now she’s gone again. What was the point of introducing her? I seriously don’t see the angle. Keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who has not yet read the manga, so my knowledge about the whole thing is limited. This is merely from a viewer’s point of view.

I was amazed to see that Ao was still so hung up on Naru. She clearly has her own mind (or so we are led to believe). Things will become a lot more complicated, that’s for sure, especially since she has Eureka’s Nirvash now. The only good thing that came out of this was when Naru took out all those American vehicles. Good stuff!

I’m a little worried about the future episodes. Eureka is gone again, so everything is pretty much the same. Naru is still with Truth, Ao is still with Generation Blue, Elena clearly still has her own agenda, and the war between organisations and country still continues. So things are bound to get a little bit dull again at one point, providing things will go back to the way they were. One thing became clear from all; all those organisations wanted Eureka for themselves, but Eureka wanted none of them. I can only hope that Ao noticed that too.

Eureka Seven Ao episode 14 screencaps

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