Apr 23, 2012

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Eureka Seven Ao

Well, better late than never I always say. I know I’ve already written something episode the second episode, but I feel that I should at least write an overall review of the anime itself. I owe the creators that much. I can’t purchase any anime from where I live, so I can’t contribute financially, which is why I use this blog to contribute in my very own way.

Now I could say many things about the artwork here, but let us just say that it’s very eye pleasing. I almost would’ve called it perfect if it weren’t for those “G-Monsters”. They look like a cheap version of the monsters in Kamisama Dolls. The details however are pretty impressive, I’ll give them that.

The story doesn’t fall far behind. It seems very interesting and promising. That being said; I don’t think it matches up with Eureka Seven’s story. Eureka Seven was a just the right anime at just the right time. Eureka Seven Ao might not be.

I know I sound very negative about this anime, but do not misunderstand. Eureka Seven Ao simply has a difficult challenge ahead of itself. Still, I do recommend this anime. In fact; I recommend it strongly. I definitely believe that most, if not all action and adventure fans will love this. Watch Eureka Seven as well though, if you haven’t seen it already.

Plot Summary: The story is set on Okinawa’s isolated island of Iwado, which has seen a growing movement advocating a return to an autonomous government. Ao Fukai, a 13-year-old boy with a missing father, lives on the island with an old doctor named Toshio and is about to enter middle school. Ao’s mother was taken away a decade ago by unknown individuals. Naru Arata, Ao’s 13-year-old childhood friend and the story’s heroine, lives with her father, older sister, and grandmother. She has a “Yuta” power awakened within her due to an incident when she was young.

A mysterious entity called “Secret” suddenly appears and launches an attack on the Scub Coral lifeform on the island. Ao launches a certain military FP called “Nirvash” aboard a Japanese military transport in his fervent desire to protect the island.

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