Apr 6, 2014

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Fairy Tail 2

Amazing… I have no idea they would screw up like this… Fairy Tail got cancelled for a reason. The story started to stagnate, people got less interest and the show got less viewers with every passing week. So they announced a second season under the pretence that they changed important stuff… Yeah, right…

Fairy Tail season 2The artwork is somewhat similar. They changed a couple of characters and removed almost every single one of their key features. Lucy no longer looks like Lucy. Her hair is no longer golden blonde or has that cute blue hair piece. Instead she’s become this light yellow twin-tail girl… I don’t like it!

I can’t say a damned thing about the story. It has a good foundation and a big fan base to start out with, which is something most shows don’t have, but the first season got cancelled because they dragged things out. I hope they won’t make the same mistake.

I can only recommend this to those that truly enjoyed the first season. I honestly can’t see the people that dropped the first season return at this point.

Plot Summary: The story follows a teenage girl named Lucy Heartfilla who is determined to join the notorious magical Fairy Tail Guild. During a daring rescue, she encounters Natsu who is part of the guild and eventually offers her a place. They become teammates performing various missions for the Fairy Tail Guild. Be prepared for an action-packed adventure!

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