Apr 22, 2012

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Fate/Zero 2 episode 03

Okay, here goes. I finished this week’s episode an hour ago, which means that I’ve been thinking about what so say about it. I first thought about describing this week’s episode as epic, but I don’t think that epic will quite cover the awesomeness of this week’s episode. Let us just say that this episode alone made the second season of Fate/Zero my favourite season.

Remember how I said that I wanted to see what would happen with Lancer and his new mistress? Teehee, how happy I am right now. Mind you, the way they were killed wasn’t exactly noble. It was awesome and skilful, but certainly not noble.

The real question we must all ask ourselves after seeing this episode; is war noble at all? I honestly don’t think so. There is no place for nobility, pride or justice during war. It’s just another excuse for people to gain power. Kiritsugu, after having been through many hellish situations, probably thinks along those lines as well.

Anyway, Kiritsugu had arranged for Saber and Irisviel to go and challenge Lancer for one final battle to the death. That’s when Kiritsugu executed his real plan. You see, Maiya, Kiritsugu’s assistant, approached Sola, Lancer’s latest puppeteer, and chopped off her right hand. She kidnaped her and gave her to Kiritsugu, who used her as a bargaining chip to make Kayneth, Lancer’s true master, sign a magical contract that will kill Lancer and protect him from Kiritsugu. He signed it alright, thinking that he and his fiancé would be safe, but nothing could’ve been further from the truth. Kiritsugu was unable to kill them because of that contract, but Maiya obviously didn’t have any problems with that.

Sigh, this war really is full of psychopaths. Even Kiritsugu isn’t that sane. Needless to say that both Saber and Irisviel were appalled by the way Kiritsugu kills people. Saber was furious and humiliated, plus she made good points too. However, I think that Kiritsugu, having experienced similar situations before, made this plan to ensure the safety of Irisviel.

I think that I will be dreaming very well tonight. Yes, I know how disturbing that sounds. It’s not like I will be dreaming about ways to kill people. More like what is going to happen next, and where, with whom, with what… I seriously can’t wait for the next episode.

Fate/Zero 2 episode 03 screencaps

  1. its about time that bitch died :/ too bad lancer is gone though he was the best character out there

  2. Fukou da says:

    Personally I think Kiritsugu is awesome. While he’s literally a killing machine, he is also a man that is disillusioned with the world yet still struggles to protect and save what he can even if it means being seen as evil. That coupled with his incredible fighting skills using Time Alter and Origin Bullets. Well I think he is fantastic.

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