Jun 3, 2012

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Fate/Zero 2 episode 09

Oh god, thank you! This is exactly what I needed after two disappointing episodes (Sankarea and Eureka Seven AO). I’m getting a little anxious right now. Fate/Zero is about to end permanently, we all know that, but I just can’t seem to wait patiently. I want to find out how it ends!

Everyone is a little bit nervous right now. They all know that the final battle is at hand. Even Kiritsugu is preparing for the worst. I hope that he doesn’t experience a relapse, especially with Irisviel now dead. Kirei has really done it this time. It’s only a matter of time before things get even worse. Who knew that Kirei would turn out to be the most dangerous man in the entire story? He started out as a mere puppet in a very big game, but he has become a very dangerous and powerful man, although that’s only because he has Gilgamesh by his side.

Even Rider’s master, Waver, sacrificed all of his command seals, thereby giving up his position as Rider’s master, in order to ensure that Rider does his best to win the war. Poor kid, he’s still as scared as ever. You can say whatever you want about him, but he has made it pretty far, and not just because of Rider either. Of course, Rider made a huge different in his survival, but he too did a lot of useful things.

The next episode is going to be truly chaotic. I think that both Saber and Kiritsugu are going to lose their minds a little when they found out what Kirei has done to Irisviel. Kiritsugu is already known as a cold-hearted killer, but after this he’ll probably change into a true monster. I don’t usually like dark and twisted stories, so why the hell am I actually hoping for that? Strange. Maybe I really want to see Kirei die? Either way, I will definitely see it through to the end!

Fate/Zero 2 episode 09 screencaps

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