Jun 17, 2012

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Fate/Zero 2 episode 11

Damn. Fate/Zero is crushing all expectations. Season two has moved to the top 15 anime of all time, and it’s not even over yet. Yeah, it’s a definite must-see. It makes me want to watch Fate Stay/Night all over again.

The episode started out with a lot of action right away. Somehow Kiritsugu had started his battle against Kirei, which was definitely a must-see matchup. Kiritsugu prefers long range combat before anything, but Kirei is a close combat fighter. That promised for a very interesting turn of events. Both of them had their strong points and weaknesses. Kiritsugu was at a disadvantage though. His magic is limited, his weapons were limited and his movement was also slightly limited. The only advantage he had during this battle was his experience as a full-fledged mage killer.

I was worried at first. I really, really wanted Kiritsugu to win, so I started to worry a little bit when his Origin Shot wouldn’t work on Kirei. You see, Kirei used a command seal every time he used one of those bullets, keeping his own magic circuits safe. We mustn’t forget that Kiritsugu’s magic knowledge and ability is very limited, which is why he relies on weaponry. And yet he still managed to render one of his arms useless, escape the Holy Grail’s clutches and give Kirei what he really deserved; a merciless death. That guy never seizes to amaze, does he?

Meanwhile Saber was finishing things up with Berserker. It was a very difficult fight for her, emotionally, but she was dead set on obtaining the Holy Grail. She marched straight towards the church in order to start the final battle against Archer, or so she thought. Little did she know that Kiritsugu, having finished with Kirei, showed up and used up every last one of his Command Seals to make her use her Noble Phantasm to destroy the Holy Grail. Epic! The next episode will finally end this once and for all; I can’t wait!

Fate/Zero 2 episode 11 screencaps

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