Oct 16, 2011

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Fate/Zero episode 03

What are they doing?! They’ve created such a confusing story, that it’s becoming very hard to enjoy. They claimed to have killed Assassin, after which his master went to the church looking for protection. Masters only do this once their servants have been defeated. But Kirei’s servant Assassin seemed to be just fine, in fact; he multiplied into dozens of different Assassin’s. The description said that he had three different entities, but now it turns out that he has nearly a hundred of them.

What’s more confusing is that in Fate/Stay Night most masters and mistresses each come from a magical family. That’s how it should be, at least in theory any way. But here in Fate/Zero the majority of the characters do not seem to come from magical families. Hell; most of them are mentally instable people.

What we can understand from the Assassin scene is that Kirei probably set up this elaborate ruse to fool the other participants into thinking that his servant was defeated. He is probably planning to launch a surprise attack with Tokiomi.

What’s more, the story revolving around servant Gilgamesh is strange too. Who is his master, does he even have a master, and what if he doesn’t even have a master? Wouldn’t that mean that he won the previous war for the Holy Grail as well, in order to be able to remain in this world?  It’s all very strange.

They are rushing things. They showed all the characters at once, they didn’t even build up the story. All the characters, their plans, their methods, everything has been shown during the first episode. And they didn’t stop to go over things, they simply continued doing just that in the second episode too. I think that’s why there is so much confusion. I just hope that they’re going to set things right soon, otherwise it’s going to be very hard to follow.

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