Nov 19, 2011

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Fate/Zero episode 08

Oh god, I think I just had one. This episode was one of the best so far, it just makes you want to keep on watching. But I must say that it sort of pisses me off that Caster managed to escape. How could he just escape like that? Lancer pierced his Noble Phantasm, cancelling all of Caster’s spells, how the hell did he managed to escape like that?

The battle between Kiritsugu and Kayneth just kept on getting better. Blondie’s annoying attitude kept getting on my nerves as he just kept talking about how superior he was. But Kiritsugu kept testing his defense by using his submachine gun and used his handgun as soon as he found that one opening, shooting straight through Kayneth’s left shoulder. That just goes to show that experience is a powerful weapon when skills just aren’t enough. Kayneth just kept going, focusing all of his mana on his defense, not knowing that Kiritsugu wanted him to do it. Kiritsugu unloaded another magazine of submachine gun bullets on Kayneth, followed up by his handgun, loaded up with one of his sixty-six special bullets.

While Kayneth is drooling away in utter defeat, we take a quick look at Irisviel, Maiya and Kirei, who were having a battle of their very own. It was pretty awesome when Irisviel used some magic other than healing magic, nice to see that Kiritsugu taught her something like that. Sure, it may not have been effective on Kirei, because he’s a mage hunter and all, but it bought them some time. Kirei was under the impression that both of them were homunculi because they followed Kiritsugu. He wanted to know more before killing them, fortunately for those two that Saber was on her way to their position. Irisviel would have died if she did not have that Scabbard.

It was a very good episode. I think that Kirei is going to make Kiritsugu and his allies a higher priority next. It was good, but it could’ve been so much better if Caster just died.  I can’t wait for next week!

  1. From Type-Moon wiki:

    Gae Deare – Renders magical enhancements and projections useless by severing all ties with prana. The nullification is not strong enough to cancel or break the source of the magecraft, making it unable to sever completed magecraft such as contracts exchanged in the past or curses in the way that Rule Breaker completely nullifies them. The effects only last while the tip of Gae Dearg is in contact with the object, which allows it to function as normal after the spear is lifted away.”

  2. I dont like that caster either so I too was hoping he’d die 😛

  3. Irisviel needs way more offensive spells if shes to stand any chance at all in this war

    1 bird of string is hardly a weapon

    • I partially agree. It is highly recommended that she learns some new spells, I agree. But I wouldn’t take that spell lightly. Sure, it may appear to be “just string”, but it could become a very powerful weapon, providing she learns how to use it properly.

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