Dec 3, 2011

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Fate/Zero episode 10

Well, this feels just like a kick in my secret place. I was expecting to see some badass action where at least one servant and/or master is about to meet his/her demise, but that was not the case. The entire episode revolved around Rin and her undying curiosity.

Cute little Rin, who was sent away from the city in order to keep her safe from the war, stumbled upon Ryuunosuke, Caster’s master, when she saw him with her friend Kotone. It seems that Ryuunosuke used some sort of magical bracelet to lure in children by hypnotizing them. She must’ve either been very brave to sneak into his base like that, or very stupid.

It’s no surprise that Ryuunosuke found her. He tried to hypnotize her too, but she managed to summon enough magical power to break that bracelet. The hypnotized children returned to normal once the bracelet was destroyed. That guy is so careless, how come he’s still alive? It just doesn’t make sense.

Rin managed to escape after freeing all of the other children, only to be found by one of Caster’s weird plant-mutations. It’s a good thing that Kariya was close by to save Rin from being attacked, but I’m afraid that it’s not looking good for that guy. Kariya is looking worse than he did before, the magic he’s been using is slowly draining his life force, which is why his time as well as his magic is very limited. Kariya saved Rin because he was, or perhaps still is, in love with her mother, formerly known as Aoi Zenjō. He kept in contact with the Tohsaka family, which is why both of their daughters came to grow fond of Kariya.

This season’s final episode should, by my calculations, air at the end of this month. I expect to see at least one or more participants lose by then. I would consider this a bad season if not one participant lost, even though several battles already took place.

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