Dec 10, 2011

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Fate/Zero episode 11

Thank god it’s here! I just came home and all I wanted to do was watch the new Fate/Zero episode. My girl even had the nerve to ‘order’ me to take out the trash before sitting in front of this screen of mine. After a few minutes of yelling, telling her how I’m the man in the house, making it clear that it’s my house and, of course, taking out the trash, I finally got to sit down and watch this week’s episode!

Things are starting to get interesting now that everything is going back to normal. Servants are keeping their distance from one another, masters are once again plotting away like no tomorrow and yet still no one has lost so far. Rider wants to change that, which is why he visited Saber and Irisviel, telling them that he’s holding a banquet. The guy even invited archer, the guy with the biggest ego, also known as the Kanye West of Fate/Zero.

Gilgamesh is so full of himself, he just kept going on about his finest wines, weaponry and other “treasures” that he supposedly possess. They discussed on what they would wish for once they got a hold of the Holy Grail. They all agreed that Saber is a fool of a king, because she wishes to alter her past. She was under the impression that she should’ve sacrificed herself for her people, instead of the other way around.

Emotions were rising through the roof during the banquet, but they didn’t have time to finalize it. Assassin came and crashed the party, or should I say a whole army of them? Gilgamesh was not informed of any of this, in fact; he was disgusted by Tokiomi. Rider finally got serious and, for a minute, he actually looked pretty damn cool, especially when he used that Noble Phantasm of his to somehow alter the world into a scene of the past. Assassin seemed outmatched at first, having like 30 bodies. But can thirty assassins really defeat hundreds of thousands of soldiers that remain loyal to Rider?

The battle was fierce and many of assassin’s bodies were getting destroyed, it was very epic. I really hope assassin’s gone for good now, although I doubt it very much. Rider may have a big mouth, but he sure showed us that he has what it takes to back it up. I cannot believe that Rider’s Noble Phantasm is that strong, very impressive indeed.

The episode comes to an end as Gilgamesh leaves with the advice for Saber to keep doing what she’s doing, because he thinks he’ll love her even more if she does. It’s all very strange, but whatever. Damn, I really can’t wait to see next week’s episode, it’s getting really good!

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