Dec 17, 2011

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Fate/Zero episode 12

I just finished watching this episode. I was pretty sure that it would’ve been an exciting episode, but there was absolutely no action. I doubt it’s the calm before the storm, as next week’s episode will be the season’s final one. The second season will start April 2012.

Kirei and Tokiomi were worried about Rider’s Noble Phantasm. They couldn’t rate it, because it’s immeasurable, just like Gilgamesh. Rider has been made a higher priority because of his powerful Noble Phantasm. I’m still not sure how Rider’s Noble Phantasm works, it either transports you to the past, or it’s some sort of illusion that works within a certain radius. I don’t think it’s an illusion though, as many Assassins got killed that day.

Meanwhile Irisviel and Saber headed off towards their new base. I didn’t get a good look, but I could’ve sworn that it’s the place where, in many years’ time, Shirou, Kiritsugu’s son, will grow up to become a fine young man.

Saber noticed that something was wrong with Irisviel. She wouldn’t drive, she couldn’t carry her things and she couldn’t even draw her magical circles. It seems that Irisviel’s time is drawing near. She cut of one of her senses in order to keep it together. She will never Saber’s help more than ever now.

Meanwhile Kirei is still having his confusing conversation with Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is positive that Kirei has a desire of his very own for wanting the Holy Grail. Kirei strongly denies it, he says that it’s selfish for wanting such a thing, that he couldn’t because of his believes.

Their conversation continued for quite a bit. Gilgamesh somehow managed to persuade him to “steal” another master’s servant. Can you even steal a servant? Because Kayneth, before handing over his Command Seals to Sola, had to agree to it first. Sola couldn’t just take his Command Seals. So, if that is indeed one of the requirements, then that means that Kirei will have to threaten and/or torture another master in order to get his/her command seals.

I know it’s getting complicated, I really do. That graph that they released isn’t helping much at the moment, too much has happened, so it’s become a bit outdated now. I imagine that they are going to use this last episode to create one hell of a cliffhanging, ensuring that people will watch the second season as well. We’ll see what happens.

  1. Rider’s Noble Phantasm is a Reality Marble, is basically warping reality to recreate a mental image. It’s NOT an illusion. Those soldiers you see are all Heroic Spirits (who could have been summoned as Servants) who have sworn eternal loyalty to him and follow him across time and space after their death. Together they put up the RM.

    It’s easy to get a Servant: kill the Master or torn the arm away with the command spells to make them obey (now if they willing form a contract or not is another thing) or simply remove the command spells. Sola couldn’t take but Kirei’s specially good in surgery and healing (including removing command spells). Lancer’s got a hardon with loyalty so, it’s not like he’ll give up his Master that easy (he never formed a contract with Sola either, even if she has the command spells).

    Also, re-watch to notice which Master ‘piece’ is down the board, knocked by Gilgamesh himself.

  2. Oppai-Sensei says:

    took me quite awhile to figure out Rider’s NP.

    I had to wiki it in order to find out 😛

    This season has been awesome but I do agree with you GD… There should’ve been atleast one or two servants gone by now.

  3. Yeah, I don’t do that… If a person has to google in order to find out more about a character then something’s wrong, terribly wrong.

    I rather find out the natural way; by watching.

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