Oct 10, 2011

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Fate/Zero episode 02

Man, this really is different from Fate/Stay Night. All the characters there were different; they all had different motives, wishes and personalities. But in here they all have similar features, they are all mentally instable, murderers, thief’s and some all of the above. There’s no good cause in this, they are all mad and driven by hatred.

There are two things that surprised me and one thing that disappointed me. first; the relationship between Rider and his master is horrible, they do not cooperate, listen to one another and Rider obviously has no respect for his master. He may be a though bastard, but I doubt that he’ll be able to defeat the other servants on his own.

Secondly; events involving the servant Assassin left me confused. I am aware that he has the ability to multiply himself into three different entities, but during the episode, near the end, he got defeated and quite possibly killed (I’m not so sure about that, like I said; it’s very confusing) by an enemy. Does that mean that he and his master have failed? Or was that one of his three entities that got attacked? It’s very unclear at this point, I just hope that they’ll clarify it in the next episode.

Finally; the end. Yes, the end. Don’t you think that the end is spoiled? In Fate/Stay Night they clearly stated that Gilgamesh was the winner of the previous war, allowing him to stay in this world. Doesn’t that basically spoil the anime? Mind you, I like seeing events of the past, it might shed light on confusing scenes in Fate/Stay Night, but still… Watching something when you already know the ending, that just takes the excitement out of it.

I would like to end this post with yet another confusing scene. In the second episode you see Illyasviel walking around as a child. That was seven years before she became a participant in the war as Berserker’s mistress. But in Fate/Stay Night she’s still a child, I don’t think they did that correctly, they either should’ve made her more mature in Fate/Stay Night, or a lot younger in Fate/Zero. The years just don’t add up to the character’s physique.

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