Sep 23, 2012

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Final The Knight in the Area episode next week

Final The Knight in the Area episode next week

TV Asahi confirmed on Saturday that The Knight in the Area (Area no Kishi) soccer television anime series will end next Saturday, September 29 with episode 37 “Kickoff!!” The following is the next-episode preview for the finale:

Hiroaki Igano and Kaya Tsukiyama’s original manga centers around Kakeru Aizawa, the younger brother of the Kamakura School soccer team captain Suguru. While Suguru is so talented in soccer that he has been made part of Japan’s national under-15 team, Kakeru is so weak at the sport that he is nicknamed “Mr. No Goal.” Kakeru’s life changes however, after a tragic accident. (Igano is another name for Tadashi Agi, the story creator of Drops of God, Getbackers, Kindaichi Case Files, Bloody Monday, and several other popular manga titles.)

The anime premiered in Japan on January 7, and Crunchyroll has been streaming the anime into several countries as it airs in Japan.

  1. Roar me R says:

    Aizawa Kakeru was a second year in middle school. Now all of a sudden he’s in highschool in episode 5?
    they didn’t say anything about a time skip! Am I right? What happened to his third year in middle school?

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