Jan 2, 2015

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First personal post of 2015!

First personal post of 2015!

So Christmas has passed and we already started the New Year. I hope you all really enjoyed these holidays and that you all entered the new safely and in one piece.

So first I will tackle the last season. A lot of good ones, some bad ones and some that started out good but really ended up disappointing me greatly. Grisaia no Kajitsu was definitely the biggest disappointment of the season. Trinity seven was alright and Akame ga Kill! ended pretty badly in my opinion. But yeah, you have ups and downs. Things don’t always go the way you’d want.

I also want to point out that I kind of lost sight of my blog. In the beginning I had a clear image of what I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be a little personal where I could post whatever I wanted about anything. I even remembered posting about Japanese items and food that I made. I kind of lost sight of that, even though I eat Japanese food several times a week (mainly homemade sushi or other healthy treats). I will try to bring that back again.

The next season is about to start and I cannot wait. I will have to write many posts again. I also have my eyes on a few titles (Aldnoah Zero season 2, Saenai Herione no Sodatekata, Junketsu no Maria and one or two others) and I simply cannot wait for those to arrive. There are also one or two titles based on games, like Kantai Collection, that I am really worried about. Those don’t always work out and I would really hate if Kantai Collection didn’t work out.

Time will tell. Until then!

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