Dec 19, 2013

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Freezing Vibration episode 11

Ah, I see where they’re going with this now. Good, at least the season might actually have a decent ending. It’s all been one strange ride and watching it has left me a bit unsure. Was season one better? Yes, I think so. There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered before this ends.

[Hiryuu] Freezing Vibration 11 [AT-X Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [A0476AD3].mkv_snapshot_05.16_[2013.12.18_23.17.27]So that poor girl finally transformed into an actual Nova. Man has been working so hard on creating an inexhaustible supply of soldiers that would help mankind fight against the Nova threat. It’s an old story about man trying to take on the role of god and do whatever it is that they think is necessary. Cloning people and creating artificial Pandora was something that they thought was necessary. In the end they gave birth to a man-made Nova that might very well be more powerful than anything they’ve ever faced up until now. Are a couple of people going to die? I hope so. Examples need to be made in order for mankind to learn.

[Hiryuu] Freezing Vibration 11 [AT-X Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [A0476AD3].mkv_snapshot_20.18_[2013.12.18_23.18.07]I’m actually hoping that that scientist died. She tried to play god and failed miserably. Instead she gave birth to the devil that might very well end up destroying the world as they know it. At least it thought me a few things about Kazuya and his grandfather, that old man that’s pulling quite a lot of strings from behind the curtains.

That old man is Kazuya’s grandfather and he has a connection with that (legendary) Pandora. Does that make her Kazuya’s grandmother or something? I’m not very familiar with that part of the story. It would be quite big if she were his grandmother. It could explain why Kazuya has that body and those abilities that others simply don’t.

Freezing Vibration episode 11 screencaps

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