Oct 6, 2015

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Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

This doesn’t seem like anything new. The protagonist enrols in some school for characters with abilities and meets with a girl whose undergarments are exposed at the time. I cannot even begin to count the amount of shows that have started like that.

Gakusen Toshi AsteriskThe artwork looks good. Some might say that the characters look a bit dull and ‘standard’, sure, but I think the level of detail makes up for that. The weapons look nice and the uniforms don’t look like regular Japanese school uniforms. I like that.

It does look a bit promising. I personally enjoy watching ecchi anime because I’m a pervert at heart and I’m sure that there are a lot of others like me. I will be giving the second episode a good try to see where they’re going with this. I suggest you give it a try as well.

Plot Summary: Invertia was a meteor storm that caused an unprecedented disaster during the 20th century. Because of this disaster, numerous cities around the world were destroyed. However, within the meteor, an unknown element called mana was discovered. It allowed human technology to make rapid strides giving rise to a new species of super-powered humans, the Star Pulse Generation (Genestella). The Festas (Star Warrior Festivals) host battles between Genestella at a city of six academies called “Rikka,” also commonly known as “Asterisk.” Scholarship student Ayato Amagiri transferred into Seidōkan Academy in order to fulfill his own wish, swearing he too will fight in this city.

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