Jun 6, 2014

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No Game No Life episode 09

I never thought I would ever say this about any of the No Game No Life episodes, but I think that this one was rather dull and overall fairly disappointing. I expected so much more from this episode. The only good thing about it is that Shiro got a lot of screen-time.

[HorribleSubs] No Game No Life - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.41_[2014.06.05_22.42.35]It was pretty difficult to watch when you already knew exactly what was going to happen. Sora’s existence was removed and only Shiro could vaguely remember him. You kind of already know what’s going to happen next. A couple of dramatic scenes and voila; a nice little ending where Sora appears once more after Shiro saves the day.

Yet another episode wasted on fighting someone that’s already been beaten. I just want to see the match against the War Beasts. We know they’re going to win, but I just want to know how the War Beasts continue to win. I only have a rough idea right now, but I would definitely like to know a bit more. Besides, how awesome would it be is we had a beast girl on the show during the last few episodes?

No Game No Life episode 09 screencaps

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