Jul 8, 2015

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Gatchaman Crowds Insight

So Gatchaman Crowds is back again, hmm? Well, I’m fine with it. I always watched it when I had nothing else to watch. It’s not mind-blowingly good, but it’ll keep your entertained, which is more than enough for me at times.

Gatchaman Crowds InsightI always loved the artwork. The characters just look so interesting, you know? I think that’s pretty surprising seeing as it’s not really a big-time studio. It’s the same studio that helped with Casshern Sins. Mostly they just do cheap-looking kiddy stuff.

Anyway, the story never really wowed me. I like Hajime-chan for her personality. I think that’s a great character, but I wouldn’t watch the show just for her. The story can get pretty boring at times.

Just watch this if you like sci-fi stuff and if you’ve already seen the first season. You might as well. I’m sure you’ll be pretty amused.

Plot Summary: A year has passed since the “Tachikawa Incident” in summer 2015. CROWDS — the system that turns the mentality of humans into physical form that Berg Katze gave to Rui Ninomiya after extracting his NOTE — has spread among the public. Prime Minister Seitarō Sugayama backs the plan, but not everyone agrees with his policy, and a mysterious organization attacks Sugayama’s vehicle, marking the start of a series of new conflicts.

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