Sep 6, 2015

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Gate episode 10

Another very nice episode. And I’m truly very stupid. I was getting a little nervous about Gate ending, but I forgot that Gate has twenty-four episodes. The show deserves every single one of them. What a delight it is to watch.

[HorribleSubs] GATE - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.43_[2015.09.05_23.47.08]I’ll get straight to what I want to say most: the princess realized her inferiority. She knows that her father’s beloved empire stands no chance against the might of the Japanese army. Their technologies are worlds apart and even though the princess has people on her side that can use magic and various other stuff, it still doesn’t make up for the fact that Japan has tanks, jets, helicopters and god only knows what else. They have a huge arsenal at their disposal and they are clearly not afraid to use any of it if it means that they’ll be able to secure that world’s resources and to prevent another attack.

[HorribleSubs] GATE - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.11_[2015.09.05_23.47.24]I am actually a little shocked by how powerful Rory is. She went up against a lot of armed soldiers with automatic assault rifles and she killed them all. Yes, they managed to land a few hits, but she instantly regenerated. Isn’t she a huge threat to Japan? She’s on their side for now and she will always be my favourite Gate character no matter what.

I am looking forward to the next episode. It’s really hard to tell what will happen next. I’m sure Youji will get into trouble again. I just hope he gets more alone time with Rory. Those two are hilarious and quite interesting together. And just to be very clear: no, I’m not a lolicon. I just really, really happen to like Rori’s personality, appearance and fighting style.

Gate episode 10 screencaps

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