Apr 13, 2015

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Ghost in the Shell: Arise Alternative Architecture

There aren’t many fans out there that haven’t heard the name “Ghost in the Shell”. It’s a name that carries a lot of weight and just that alone, that fan base, would be enough to give this show an enormous boost of viewers. It is no joke to say that this show has a huge advantage.

Ghost in the Shell AriseYou will never hear me knock down the artwork of any Ghost in the Shell product. I’ve seen all the movies and pretty much any and all content. It’s good, very good. I’m even waiting for the new movie that’s coming out in a few months’ time.

I’m not all that impressed by the story so far. It’s too much of the same thing if you ask me, but it’s only been one episode for me and I can definitely say that it looks very promising.

Ghost in the Shell fans will watch this from start to finish. I will watch this from start to finish. It’s intrigued me and I simply want to know a little more. I suggest you give it a real try.

Plot Summary: in 2027, Motoko Kusanagi is a highly skilled agent of the military that meets Daisuke Aramaki, former soldier who is currently the chief of Public Security Section 9. Their encounter sparks the assembly of an elite new unit within Section 9.

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