Apr 24, 2012

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Ginga e Kickoff!!

I hate to say it, but this anime was unexpectedly amusing. I wonder why none of the groups wishes to sub this one? I believe that there are already half a dozen episodes out there, two of which have just been subbed recently. It is really strange and disappointing, especially if you take a look at some of the shows that are being subbed right now, but could very well be replaced with a more suitable anime (like this).

Anyway, the artwork isn’t anything special. It doesn’t look that bad. It’s not the type of artwork that makes me want to sit up and take notice of what’s happening. Also, I believe that this is aimed more at the, ahem; “younger generation”, seeing as it involves kids and all.

I know I said that a less mature audience would probably find this more appealing, but I didn’t think it was half bad. The only reason I liked it is because of the story though. An eight year old boy with poor soccer skills turns out to have an incredible talent, who wouldn’t guessed it? I would. Sure, the story doesn’t sound that special, and it’s probably been done before in different scenarios, but I believe that there’s something to it.

I recommend this anime to everyone who enjoys a nice little sports-genre show. I only really disliked one part; Christiano Ronaldo. I don’t like the fact that he’s Erika-chan’s idol. He is a worthless human being (in my humble opinion). Other than that it’s pretty amusing.

Plot Summary: After his team was disbanded, Sho Ota is sixth grader determined on finding new members to reassemble the Momotaro Predators. Despite not being very good himself, he loves football with all his heart. He one day wishes to accomplish his candid dream of becoming a professional player.

  1. i dont think this is a kid anime at all??? it is a soccer anime played by kids but that does not make this a kid anime

  2. Only the first episode has been subbed so far and five episodes are already out. Plus i am curious about the fact that those five episodes were released online before the said date of release. How did that happen? And why arent more episodes coming out???

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