Jul 17, 2015

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God Eater

Now this is what I call interesting! I have to admit that I’m having one or two problems with the artwork, but I think I can get passed that.

God EaterThe artwork itself looks good, but the characters look a bit strange. It’s like they went for 2.5D but stopped shortly after they left. It’s like 2.2D quality. I think I can get used to it, but I would’ve preferred if they had gone a different way with it.

The story really interests me. It’s not unique or amazing, but I feel as though the protagonist will be quite the little rebel when it comes to obeying orders. I like that.

I think it’s safe to recommend God Eater. I like what I saw and I will definitely be watching for the time being.

Plot Summary: In the year 2071, the Far East is ruled by angry gods. 20 years ago unknown life forms called “Oracle cells” begin their uncontrolled consumption of all life on Earth. Humanity both fears them and reveres them as “aragami.” They are immune to all weapons and the mankind’s numbers continue to dwindle. The last bastion of hope is the newly developed “God Arcs” weapons that utilize Oracle cells to fight back. The weapons wielders band together into an elite force dubbed “God Eaters.”

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