Feb 2, 2012

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So Gokujo finally arrived, huh? Honestly, many a time I’ve seen news items come by about this show being delayed. I found it so strange that a five-minute-per-episode anime could get delayed like that. I just watched the first two episodes, my first impression; I now know why.

There is nothing special about the artwork, as it could use some improvement if anything. What caught my eye is the show’s opening. I couldn’t believe what I saw; stuffed animals with breasts and penises. I knew from thereon out that this show would be your average Japanese WTF moment of the week. Every week you’ll watch this show for five moments thinking; “WTF? What am I watching? More importantly; why am I watching?” – I have no idea what you’re watching, but I do know why: there’s mild nudity. Just like that.

As for the story goes, well… I honestly don’t see it. I just saw things that my mind couldn’t process all at once. Panties disappearing, one girl stealing the other girls’ panties in order to wear them, the madness goes on. Don’t think you’ll get a story out of this, because you’ll just get slapped in the face for getting your hopes up.

I personality wouldn’t recommend this show to anyone I know. However, if you like ecchi shows with a lot of pointless comedy? Then this might be a show for you. Warning: it’s a five-minutes-per-episode show! I would like to finish this post by saying that I’ll freak out and lose confidence in the rating system if this show ever gets a seven or higher, because I for one won’t go higher than a six.

Plot Summary: Kuribayashi Minami returns to Japan after a long stay in Los Angeles. She enters an upper-class girl’s high school “Gokurakuin Jyoshi High School”, so called “Gokujyo”. She tries to dominate the school with her beauty but her plan is spoiled by the silly and pervert behaviors of her eccentric classmates.

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