Oct 27, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 03

Hmm, this week’s episode got subbed really fast. It’s not that surprising though, it’s getting really interesting and fun to watch. I think the story has all the right elements; love, hate, betrayal, friendship and unique powers up the ying yang that never seizes to amaze. It’s becoming quite clear as to why this anime was given no less than twenty-two episodes.

The story continues as the cute Inori enrolls into the same school and class as Shu. This should’ve been a dream come true for Shu, would it not be for the fact that she is part of the resistance and leads a very dangerous life. It doesn’t end there though; all the other classmates recognized Inori from a singing group called Egoist. Discussing private matters will be difficult for Inori and Shu because of all the attention that Inori gets.

Shu’s headache won’t stop for quite some time. This entire episode was one big migraine for that poor guy. First he learns that there was someone who saw him with Inori and other members of the resistance, someone who, apparently, attends the same school as him and Inori. Their only clue is that this person goes by the name of “Sugar” and that Shu should be looking for someone who’s tool /weapon looks like shears.

Shu has been running around all day, desperately trying to find the right person. At one point it gets too much when people are actually chasing him. He got saved by Yahiro, his classmate and good friend. Shu soon got suspicious of Yahiro when he started talking about the resistance. Shu decided to put him to the test by calling out “Sugar” and await his response. Jackpot! Yahiro turned out to be the one, but Shu stopped Inori from killing him, he wanted to give Yahiro a chance.

It was quite the busy day for Shu, but it gets so much worse. The three go home together by train when the train suddenly stops and the doors open. Yahiro pushes Shu outside where dozens of soldiers and that weird genius await his arrival. That bastard Yahiro betrayed him on the very same day he promised to stay quiet. Inori looks out of the moving train’s window as Shu is about to be captured. I just hope that she pulls out that gun and puts a bullet in that f*cker’s head, he definitely deserves it after what he’s done!

This is one hell of a cliffhanger. I just hope I can hold out till next week, otherwise I might give in to temptation and read the manga.

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