Nov 4, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 04

Here we go again. I must say that NicoNico is really fast. They subbed Guilty Crown, Persona 4 and Maken-Ki! on the very same day.  You’d think that the quality of the subs would’ve suffered because of their speed, but the subs are actually pretty accurate. Let’s see if they can keep up the good work!

The episode was very good.  Yahiro ended up betraying Shu in the last episode, seriously; he must die. I don’t care if he did it in order to help out his sister, it’s no excuse. Shu should extract his shears again and use it to decapitate that bastard. What baffled me is that Yahiro didn’t get punished it all, even though that train was full of resistance members. He just went home as though nothing had happened.

Shu didn’t wasn’t detained for too long. Inori soon came to save him. Sure, Gai was there too, but he didn’t make Shu his primary objective. He was after another prisoner, a guy who, apparently, murdered a lot of people, or so the military claims. What baffled me most of all is that Shu actually ended up joining Gai and his cause. Nuts! He should’ve just told him to f*ck off and just go his own way, punishing those who interfere with his sense of justice, his sense of justice and not Gai’s.

It was nice to see how much Shu had grown though. Maybe not physically, but mentally he has grown a lot. He is no longer that scared, hesitant and simple minded boy that we saw during the first few episodes. He is strong now, especially since he’s gaining more and more control over his powers. I just hope that he continues to grow, because he will need all the strength he can get in order to fight against his enemies whilst trying to keep an eye on Gai.

I have a very bad feeling about that prisoner though. They may have successfully rescued the guy, but he seems very dangerous. There must’ve been a reason why he was completely tied down. He even had a hood over his head. They don’t do that without a good reason, so there must’ve been something to it. I’m very curious as to what’s going to happen in the next episode, I for one would really like to know why Gai wanted to save that guy so much.

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