Dec 2, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 08

We have reached episode eight and now I find myself wondering which sides are good or bad. Gai claims to be on the good side, fighting for freedom and justice and all. But how is stealing, kidnapping, abusing others and withholding information from others good? I’m having serious doubts.

This episode Shu and Inori go on a fieldtrip (probably for school) to the place where Shu’s father is buried. It was only natural for him to visit his father’s grave, although the connection with his father, from what I understood, wasn’t all that great. I found it kind of disrespectful of Gai to interrupt Shu like that, it was a private moment, and for Gai to interrupt him like that just to tell him about another mission is just wrong. I would’ve been mad if I was Shu, there’s a time and place for everything.

Shu is slowly turning into Gai, which is kind of troublesome. He used his classmate Souta as a decoy of sorts. Souta has a crash on Inori, so Shu abused that knowledge in order to get him off-guard so that he could draw out his Void. That was probably Gai’s plan though, that method simply reeks of Gai.

Souta’s Void turned out to be some sort of camera, a camera that had the power to open any door, including a complicated security system. That just proves that it was Gai’s plan to manipulate Souta like that, who else but Gai knew what Souta’s Void was capable of? After all; that happened to be right Void at the right time, it was definitely no coincidence. Gai’s knowledge on Voids must be very impressive if he’s capable of figuring out people’s Void before Shu even draws them out.

Gai was after some sort of artifact, and he would’ve gotten it too, would it not be for that fact that old man Koudou, head of the GHQ Anti Bodies, beat him to it. It’s very strange, why would Koudou kill his own men like that? Has he gone AWOL? That artifact must be something very important if both Gai and Koudou wanted it that badly.

I’m rather curious about the next episode. Specifically about Haruka, because I refuse to believe that that she’s just your everyday woman. I can’t wait to find out!

  1. Oppai-Sensei says:

    actually i think it was all shu’s own idea. if that’s so then hes definitely turning bad.

    i still find it strange that he hangs out with Inori. but i find it even stranger that she still lives with him…

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