Dec 8, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 09

I was looking really forward to yet another episode of Guilty Crown. Although this episode started out really weird. That can only mean that you can expect a lot of new things, and quite possibly new characters. Although I’m not a big fan of introducing new characters halfway.

Shu’s school life has been continuing like usual ever since his last mission. It seems that he really enjoys the peace, who wouldn’t? He sure is unaware of his surroundings though, he should’ve realized by now that Hare has a major crush on him. It’s not entirely his fault; she could’ve said something sooner about it, as it’s not necessarily the man’s responsibility to take the first step.

Meanwhile on the subway the two, Shu and Hare, come across their old ‘friend’ Yahiro, or ‘Sugar’ for those who only know his codename. He has been running away from the authorities to protect his family, probably because they want to experiment on his little brother.

Shu has really changed. He is slowly starting to take matters into his own hands, that’s very reassuring. The anti-bodies sure are willing to do anything in order to get a hold of Jun, Yahiro’s little brother.  They sent out several enclaves and snipers in order to capture Jun. There must be something to that boy if they’re willing to go through all that trouble just to get him.

I was right. There is something very special to that boy. He, like Shu, has special abilities that only he, or perhaps a very select few have. Jun is possessed by a virus that plagues his body, but there’s more to that virus than meets the eye, that much is certain. I can’t explain his abilities very accurately, but basically; he is somehow capable of synchronizing with organisms thanks to this virus.

This episode was very intense and very useful to the story, kudos! I learned a lot about “Lost Chrismas” and Yahiro. I almost shed a tear when Shu put Jun, because he requested it personally, out of his misery. What’s more; Hare was watching. I’m very curious as to just how much she’s seen.

Jeez! I’m going to have to wait yet another week to find out! The story just keeps getting better, especially since more and more complications keep piling up on Shu. I can only hope that next week’s episode will be just as good as this one.

  1. Tensai-kun says:

    I like GC, more so because the main character, Shu, is showing real signs of improvement.

    I have to disagree the way he does things sometimes. It still feels like he’s being manipulated.

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