Dec 16, 2011

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Guilty Crown episode 10

This is it people! I am writing this post using my laptop. It feels so much better than my keyboard, it’s like the keys were made for me. The keys press really smoothly and make very little sound. The only con is that the backspace is a little too far away for my pinky to reach, but I’m sure that problem will solve itself in time, I still have to get used to it.

Anyway, it’s getting very hectic in Guilty Crown. Shu can’t take much more of it, that situation with Yahiro and his younger brother is really taking its toll on Shu. Everywhere he goes he sees those flashbacks of when he put Yahiro’s younger brother to rest. It was no easy decision, definitely not, but has to get over it before something bad happens.

Shu’s situation got to a point where he couldn’t resume normal life without getting frightened, let alone continue his life with the Funeral Parlor. Gai saw that it was no use trying to persuade him, he was devastated by what happened that day. Gai had no choice but to kick him out of the Funeral Parlor, leaving him behind with his memories. Inori wasn’t sure what to do either, but she still ended up leaving.

Gai didn’t have a choice. He had to continue his mission, with or without Shu. He wanted to obtain that special stone, no matter what the cost. I understand why he wanted that stone so badly, but he wasn’t prepared. This episode showed how vital Shu’s role was in the Funeral Parlor. They were very vulnerable, especially when they fell for the Anti-Bodies’ trap.

Gai is just a normal man. A man with a pretty weak body. They couldn’t do much against the Anti-Bodies without Shu, they were helpless. Their helplessness is what caused yet another disaster. Koudou, the chief, ended up using the stone’s powers in order to recreate the disaster the disaster that happened many years ago. He wanted to, and I quote; “Finish what he started with Lost Christmas in order to preserve humanity.”

The man released yet another massive attack on the city, infecting and instantly killing lots of innocent people with that mysterious virus. Shu was in the middle of all of this during that time, but he seemed unaffected by the virus, he was merely experiencing some sort of headache.

Next episode is going to be very exciting. I have a feeling that a lot of things are going to be explained. I’m rather curious about the role that Haruka, Shu’s mother, played in all of this. She seemed to know a lot about Voids and it’s gene, because she was shocked when she heard that Shu has that gene.

  1. shu is weak. hes a boy not a hardcore soldier and people seem to forget that.

    i would not go blaming shu for what happened at the end of this episode. he was not the one using that stone and it was not his responsibility to solve it all.

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