Jan 28, 2012

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Guilty Crown episode 14

Damn. I’m slowly falling behind on my posts again, but this time it’s not entirely my fault. I missed a post due to Bakuman’s late release, causing me to push back one show at a time due to lack of time. Still, I watched the new Guilty Crown episode and I loved it.

This week is all about friendship, loyalty and an overdose of corruption. You see, the government decided to abandon everyone within the Tokyo perimeter. This isn’t your average type of abandonment either, oh no, it’s the type of abandonment where each and every living thing gets killed on sight. Koudou passed that point of no return, he has given the command to kill everything in the area in order to, and I quote; “purify Japan”.

This led to chaos amongst the students, who, for the time being, were alive and well inside of the school. A small group of students were questioning Arisa, the student president and currently leader of the group, about her qualifications as their leader. I can understand the motives, but this group of students went too far. They were willing to hand over Funeral Parlor members in order to gain their freedom, but that was all just a lie. The government wanted them all dead, no exceptions.

Shu proved that fact once and for all. Everyone was appalled. But it wasn’t enough for this small group of students, as their leader decided to take out his pistol in order to shoot Shu. But Shu has progressed too much for him to be taken down by a mere handgun. He, within just a matter of seconds, drew out a Void and used that Void to disarm that idiot. His progress rate is truly unbelievable. If he can keep it up than he’ll be strong enough in no-time.

Things didn’t end there though. Shu, thanks to Yahiro’s efforts, or formerly known as Sugar, got elected as the new leader. It stands to reason, doesn’t it? Shu is by far the most qualified person; he has minor people skills, he’s the only one that’s capable of drawing out Voids, he has experience and he knows the current situation better than anyone else. Yahiro must’ve known this as well, he must’ve known that Shu is currently their best chance to make it out of this situation alive.

However, Yahiro’s planning didn’t stop there, hell no. He came up with another ingenious idea. He decided to rank the students based on their Void levels. It works like this; each student has a Void. That Void has its powers and those very powers are rated by a number. The higher the number, the stronger the Void is. For example; a person with a level of 1000 could be considered weak, but a person with a level of 1700 could be considered strong.  Inori’s Void currently has level 2000, that’s also what I’m basing my example on, as her Void is one of the stronger ones.

A lot happened in this episode, a lot indeed. But still, Shu’s progress never ceases to amaze. He went from being a weak cry baby to a strong and powerful leader in just a couple of episodes. It’s only a matter of time before his powers reach an even higher level. But that is still in the future, right now he has to focus on getting his followers out of that school alive. The fact that it’s a race against the clock doesn’t make it any easier, so I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.

  1. hank baseballs says:

    what is the red line that keeps closing in on the school kids, the one they are trying to escape from?

    and what happened to everyone else in that part of town
    I’ve watched all the episodes and I just watched episode 17 (that last part from that episode with Shu was just like omg what)

    but I never understood why the red barrier is there, wtf this anime is confusing and i’m trying so hard to like it.
    they are trying to put as many cliche events into this plot wow
    yes it was Gai 😮

  2. I have just finished watching episode 14 of the season and heard that inori in the end is dead. I also heard the ending was very bad. So my question is dose the ending hint at another season or are the leaving it at a sad ending? I dont think there is any information about a second season, ova, or movie considering the show just ended but if you have any info please share.

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