Feb 3, 2012

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Guilty Crown episode 15

Finally! Been looking forward to the new Guilty Crown episode all week, but what I found was not so nice. The episode was good, but what happened was not. I sat on the edge of my seat during this episode, which doesn’t happen all too often.

The story continues as Yahiro tried to convince Shu to prioritize the students from strongest to weakest. Shu wasn’t sure what to do with this idea. He kept saying that it sounded too discriminating. I agree that it’s a little bit discriminating, but in times of war there’s no need for weak and useless “weapons”. If you want to defeat the best, you got to use to best. Too bad Shu doesn’t share my vision.

Time passes as word about the ranking system spreads, causing the weaker students to panic. A small group, led by Souta, came to Shu, asking him if he would draw out there Voids so that they could practice to become stronger. He understood why they asked it, but it’s reckless to let inexperienced students use their Voids unsupervised. Still, Shu ended up trusting them.

Yeah… they wanted to practice… not! Those fools didn’t want to practice at all, because they left the school to find the abandoned hospital in order to retrieve some vaccines. Shu found out that they lied to him and he went after them right away. Things quickly turned for the worst when the Anti-Bodies found them and started their head-on attack. They couldn’t do much else but run away whilst the stronger ones covered them. This is where things went horribly wrong, you see; Hare, who was trying to repair a car, ended up getting wounded when that car blew up. Shu tried to save her by jumping in front of her during the blast.

You’d expect these two to be just fine, right? However, Hare decided to use the last minutes she had in this world to heal Shu with the use of her Void. She managed to save his life at the cost of her own. Shu was shocked and ended up going berserk. He walked up to Inori, forcibly drew out her Void and attacked every single Anti-Body soldier in sight. That bit was awesome. Shu completely changed that very moment. The death of Hare was too much for him to handle, it seems to have changed him into some heartless monster. That’s kind of tragic when you think about it, because he got this far because of his personality.

This week’s episode was truly tragic, but sacrifices have to be made in time of war, that’s just unavoidable. Also; the good always die young, right? I’m not sure I want to see next week’s episode, not after how Shu changed, but I have no choice, as I’m completely hooked. Oh god!

  1. MisterDMX says:

    Shu is going to go down if he gets heartless like that

    chances are that Inori will change him back before anything really bad happens

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