Feb 10, 2012

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Guilty Crown episode 16

Alright, I’m afraid that I’ll have to keep this post short and simple. It’s not because I lack the time, it’s merely because I lack the motivation. Needless to say that I did not enjoy this week’s episode of Guilty Crown as much as previous episodes, otherwise I would’ve been a bit more cheerful about it. It’s not like I didn’t see it coming, we all knew that Shu changed during last week’s episode.

Yes… Shu changed alright. He changed into a monster that ranks people based on their Void’s power. Those weak with Voids are treated as slaves and are used to do all the dirty work. I can’t believe that I actually thought that this method could actually work, damn that Yahiro for ever bringing it up! It also feels like Yahiro is pulling some of the strings, you know… “The man behind the man” type of situation. At least that’s what it seems like to me.

Things got even worse when Arugo, an old Funeral Parlor member, showed up to bring back Arisa home under the request of Okina, her grandfather. Things escalated when Arugo spoke back to Shu and ignored his orders. Sure, Shu didn’t kill him, but he did lock him up behind bars.

Shu ruled with an iron fist, the same fist that still ended up being the death of many innocent students. Okay, so he didn’t kill them personally, but he was playing with their lives by letting that virus do its thing. Eventually it went too far, causing one of the students to die due to the virus. He saw it happen right before his very eyes, and it seemed like the old Shu was returning, but no such luck. Shu remained the same tyrant that we’ve come to know and hate.

Things will only go downhill from here if he doesn’t quickly change back to his usual self. People will die eventually, be it because of a virus or natural causes, it doesn’t matter in a time of war. However, Shu is not used to all of this, which is why he snapped. He even threatened to discipline Ayase-chan, one of his closest friends and one of my favourite characters on this show.

I doubt that I’ll ever enjoy this show as much as I did before for as long as Shu stays like this. Still, things are about to happen as his enemies are planning to unleash something else. And worst of all; his mother is still involved. God only knows how he’ll react to that. Either way; I think we can expect a few more dramatic episodes by the looks of it.

  1. I think ur overreacting just a little bit now the show isn’t that bad its just that shu has seen too much too quick that its affecting his mind

    things will get even worse when he finds out that his mom is his enemy because thats how things look now

  2. I was wondering if anyone knows the song around the time 16:55 from episode 13? A link to a real ost or to a video with the song isolated out would be really helpful. Even a name would be awesome.

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