Feb 18, 2012

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Guilty Crown episode 17

Sigh… Does anyone still enjoy Guilty Crown? I sure don’t. I also see that the show seems to have dropped in ratings. It used to have an eight+, but now it doesn’t even have an eight. The show has become irritating, dull, predictable and unnecessarily complicated. Hell, I’m not sure I’m going to continue with my Guilty Crown posts for much longer.

The story continues as Shu falls only deeper into the rabbit hole. I’m not planning to sit around and wait to see where that’ll take him. He needs to change, soon! This episode truly brought out the worst in me, as I had no fun watching it. It seems that all of the students are getting fed up with Shu, and their patience to remain silent is running out. He may have the power to draw out Voids, but what use is that when he has nobody around?

Anyway, poor Arisa-chan seems to have been broken as well. Inori’s attempt to take her life must’ve left a really big impact. She is scared, confused and does no longer see things clearly. At one point she started using her body in order to get what she wants. How damaged must a person be to sleep around with people like that? I understand that they’re in the middle of a war, but come on… sleeping with your fellow students in order to gain a little bit of information about their leader? Sick.

Shu must’ve noticed that the students were getting fed up with it all, which is probably why he decided to finally march out in order to escape from that forsaken city. He gave out his last commands as their leader in order to reach the control tower to take out the enemy’s machines. Destroy the control tower and you destroy the machines. Things were still going according to his “plan” at this point, but that soon changed when they actually managed, with great sacrifice I might add, to defeat their enemy. Even though the actual enemy isn’t actually the defeated, but oh well…

However, things soon took a turn for the worse as the students aimed their guns at Shu. It seems that Arisa has been planning to overthrow Shu all this time, regaining her old position by doing so. This was to be expected, he definitely had it coming. Still, I didn’t expect a brainwashed Gai, who we all thought was dead, to show up during their little coup d’état. I never would’ve imagined him to be alive, let alone to show up at such a time to chop off Shu’s right hand in order to take his powers.

Like I said; the show has becoming unnecessarily complicated and difficult to watch. I would’ve dropped the show right away, if it weren’t for the fact that I hate giving up halfway. I don’t see a way for Shu to recover from this. He lost his powers, his friends and nobody has the ability to restore a person’s hand, let alone his power to draw out Voids. Well, maybe his mother has that ability, but I have very little faith in that woman.

Guilty Crown episode 17 screencaps

  1. 1 of the most significant problems of this series (there are many more that deserve mentioning) is that the writer’s are determined to make us hate Shu. He starts off whiny and spineless, then he has a few episodes where he mans up and things are looking hopeful… and then he turns into Mein Shuuher and we go back to hating him. Virtually everyone is an asshole in this series, but Shu almost makes them endearing by comparison. The second biggest problem is that all of the drama depends on people being complete monsters for contrived reasons. For any problem that any person in a position of authority encounters, they consider “kill them all” to be the best solution. This episode’s “kill them all” moment was the UN deciding to kill everyone in Japan because that sounds like the most dickish thing to do.

  2. I agree with Ren. They constantly make you hate different characters. Gai was hated at first, until he opened up more and showed his true colors. But that will change now that he’s the bad guy again. Or maybe not, seeing as he’s also the one who stopped Shu.

    I do agree with you GameDemon; the show is becoming harder to enjoy. I’m absolutely not fond of these types of anime, but I’ll see it through to the end!

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