Feb 25, 2012

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Guilty Crown episode 18

Here we go again with all the mayhem, betrayal and confusing twists. I had hoped for a reasonable explanation as to what Gai is doing, but I guess that will have to wait. It’s not that the story has suddenly become chaotic, oh no. I’m just having trouble with the fact that they’re constantly switches bad guys. First it was the Anti-bodies, then Shu, and now it’s Gai’s turn.

Gai’s powers seemed a little bit different than Shu’s, despite having taken Shu’s powers. Gai doesn’t need to make physical contact in order to draw out a person’s Void, because he can take them from a distance. I’m not sure that this was his plan all along, or if Koudou is somehow behind it all. I wouldn’t be surprised anymore. That other Void user could’ve healed Gai, brainwashed him and control him for all I know. The first two options seem reasonable, but I doubt that I’m right with the third. Gai simply knows too much about the current situation to be controlled by anyone.

The chaos just wouldn’t end. The whole world was silent as Gai told them to mind their own business. He destroyed an entire fleet to make sure that every other nation stays out of this. You know, he can control that power pretty darn well, for a guy who’s never had such powers. Which is why I suggested possibility number three earlier.

Old man Okina, Arisa’s grandfather, was sick and tired of sitting on the side-lines. He decided to take matters in to his own hands by visiting his granddaughter. That psychotic slut deserves death, which is why I got all the angrier when she ended up killing her grandfather instead. The old man should’ve taken her life, not the other way around.

Meanwhile Gai was trying to get a hold of Inori. He wanted her alive, no matter what. I now understand why. I think Inori is the source of that strange crystal virus, because that would explain why her song could cure people from it. Also, she can harvest similar powers in order to attack her enemies. It’s strange, but she really does love Shu. She was willing to sacrifice herself just to ensure his survival.

The only thing I see coming now is a conflict between Gai, Inori and Arisa. Gai wants Inori, despite the fact that he sees her as a monster. Inori wants Shu. Arisa wants Gai, but is bothered by the fact that he wants Inori. Sigh… I guess we’ll have to see what happens next week in Guilty Crown.

Guilty Crown episode 18 screencaps

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    I have been trying to download Guilty Crown, but I cant find any websites coz most of them are closed down. Does anyone know where to download it?

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