Mar 3, 2012

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Guilty Crown episode 19

Ah, here’s my weekly dose of corruption and betrayal. It’s funny, really funny… Shu becomes the hero again and suddenly the show’s rating skyrocket up again. I say it here and now; I don’t have any faith in that boy. His attitude keeps changing more than he changes his underwear, I bet.

The episode itself was pretty amusing, I’ll give ‘em that. I have come to think that Gai has been evil all along. He always had an affinity for power. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that he survived due to him coming across a bit of power. Fact is; the man is corrupt, evil and hungry for more and more power. It’s only a matter of time before all that power backfires on him. Not just that, he has also made a lot of new enemies. The funny thing about power is, is that there’s always someone waiting around the corner that’s stronger than you. I’m sure that he’s going to find out the hard way.

Meanwhile Shu’s mother was fleeing for her life after having escaped the facility with the last vial of the Void Genom. She planned on finding someone to give it to, hoping he/she would become strong enough to defeat Gai and Koudou. However, giving it to Shu wasn’t the smartest thing. Injecting him with that for the second time could prove to be very lethal, which is why she wanted to give it to Ayase-chan. Ayase was willing to carry this burden that they call the Void Genom. It’s too bad that Makoto didn’t want her to possess those powers, after which he and his men opened fire in order to prevent her from getting injected. He has always been a strange man, ever since he first appeared.

You’d think that he would want those powers for himself, but no… He wanted Shu to have it. That’s why he didn’t put a fight when Shu showed up to inject himself with the last vial of Void Genom. Things are about to get a little bit more chaotic, especially now that Shu has got Void powers again. However, his powers are not the same as before. Sure, he can draw out people’s Voids, but he takes on their burdens as well. He used Souta’s Void, amonst several others. By doing that he took on all of his burdens, including the cancer he had before Shu took it over. That is quite the new ability he has, my god…

Don’t get me wrong; Guilty Crown is a very good anime, but for me it’s not the type of anime that I would look forward to all week, unlike Inu x Boku SS and High School DxD. But that’s just my taste of course, as everyone has his or her own taste. It is something we all have to respect, one way or the other.

Guilty Crown episode 19 screencaps

  1. By “very good” you mean…in the way Transformers 3 was “a very good movie” right?

  2. well i have watch guilty crown till episode 19 but i can’t understand…which is the bad guy and the good guy…i mean when Hare dead…Shu just like..well you know..a little evil?? i think..this is only my opinion…

  3. Can anyone figure out the name of the Guilty Crown episode 19 OST name? It’s not the ending, its the one before the ending
    (BEWARE: Contains spoilers)
    Around 7:35

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