Mar 16, 2012

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Guilty Crown episode 21

Ugh… What the hell? I just finished watching this week’s episode of Guilty Crown and I noticed that I actually enjoyed most of it. That’s what’s wrong with this show; people just don’t know who to like and who to dislike. But it’s not so bad now, now that we know who the real bad guys are.

The time has come for the final battle to take place, a battle that doesn’t just decide the fate of the show’s main character, but the fate of each and every living thing on the planet. I was reluctant to admit it, but I guess Shu really has grown during these last couple of episodes. He no longer hesitates when making a decision, he no longer questions people’s motives, no… He just acts on behalf of his own sense of justice. That’s what I would like to see from the start, not that bad and good again bullsh*t. Make a choice and stick with it, no matter what people say or do.

Meanwhile Gai finally set things in motion for Inori’s death. Seems like a terrible way to go; being devoured by evil that’s about to destroy life on the planet. Inori didn’t struggle much though, she was just happy that she, thanks to Gai, managed to meet Shu and fall in love. I guess she never thought that she would ever fall in love with anyone, you know, being ‘special’ and all. It’s really sad when you think about it. I think she had very few happy moments, seeing as she’s probably been fighting that monster inside of her from the very beginning. That’s a heavy burden to carry, especially for a young girl.

Also, the fight between Shu and that little blonde brat didn’t make us any wiser. Sure, we saw just how twisted that guy was, using his followers like mere tools and all, but we didn’t get to see whether Shu really defeated him or not. Shu fired some kind of energy blast at him, causing him to stop fighting and disappear. What kind of conclusion is that? At least tell us if he’s dead or not. I think that’s pretty important information at this point.

Anyway, I digress… It all comes down to this: I liked this week’s episode. Sure, there were some things that I would’ve rather seen and/or not seen, but that is beyond my control. I only voice my opinion on the matter. I would like to end this poist by saying one final thing; Inori, from what we’ve seen, appears to have been devoured by Mana. Fine, but didn’t Mana live inside Inori all this time? By that logic, wouldn’t that mean that Inori now lives inside Mana? There is a possibility for Shu to reverse that transformation if that’s true, I hope.

Guilty Crown episode 21 screencaps

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